Sunday, July 6, 2008

My friend Megan over at Red Cedar wrote a post praising her gorgeous new Daytons, purchased shockingly cheap at their sale this weekend. Lucky her. I've always had a boot fetish, but they don't always treat my poor feet so well. My brown cowboy-ish boots, which I cooed over and praised in this very blog last year, hold my toes in a vice-like grip. My funky red ones? I can put 20 insoles in them all at once and my heels will STILL wear holes right through. And now my so-country-they're hip Kenny Rogers cowboy boots, which I scored as payment for a Reptiles gig, make me hobble like the Little Mermaid after a night outta water. Gee I loved those boots. Thought they'd be my new trusty companions, peeking slyly from under a pair of jeans or rockin' a short dress. Dark red up the legs, cream-coloured at the feet, they looked so great. But a shift at the kite store and I was running- well, limping- to the shoe store across the hall from my shop. I ended the day in... a pair of Crocs. I know. People are cruel about the perky little plastic (ok, resin) shoes. But I have to say, I like 'em. I feel grounded in them. But... they may not be very good for the environment, so I'll have to make this pair last. They were an impulse buy born of pain and a long shift. But they'll make those hours on the kite store's concrete floor go a little faster.

And in other news... I visited my Barkerville cast, in town with the BC 150 Train:
...saw a feral kitty in an abandoned lot near my home...... and put in some more hours at the retail job that will give me varicose veins and fallen arches, thanks to its aforementioned brutal concrete floor.

... oh, and J and I saw "Wanted" tonight, which we both thought was gratuitously violent and morally bankrupt. And we're people who can usually tolerate a fair amount of, um, splatter. But this piece of poo? Total garbage, with cookie-cutter characters. And unpleasant, to boot. A movie that basically encourages downtrodden office drones to pick up guns to become "empowered'? Yeah, the world needs more of that action.

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