Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Work-related anxiety dream:
I am taking notes during a rehearsal of what I presume to be the next show I'm working on. There is still no fiddle player, and there's a guitarist I don't know, who seems to be taking direction from- well, not me, at any rate. A large dragon puppet appears (this will probably not occur in real life, FYI, although there may be a giant eagle and a Russian bear). The guitarist commences to play "Puff the Magic Dragon" and I scribble despairing notes on my notepad and think why is no one listening to me? I should have had more stuff prepared.
In truth, I may or may not have the right stuff prepared, we really don't have a fiddler (thanks to my pal Amelia, who deserted us for higher-paying work)... but I can say with 90% certainty that no one will be playing "Puff the Magic Dragon" in this show about Lithuanian Jews circa 1940. Unless things get really out of hand.

More news of the good and bad variety:
Good: I've been cigarette-free for over a week now... and I don't miss it, which usually means that it will stick.
Bad: Either the quitting or just a virus has landed me with a head cold. After months of not being sick- I was really enjoying that after the hellish winter I had.
Good: I rented a new toy from Long & McQuade yesterday: a Boss Loop station. Now I can quite literally "play with myself"! No, not like that, pervs. It'll help me add more layers to the sound scape in this show.
Good: My arrangements of the Back Kitchen music got a great review in Vancouver Plays this week. It isn't so often that music directors get singled out (unless things are bad), so I will revel in this praise.
Bad: Like many others, I am mad, mad, mad that the fabulous Kate of Sweet|Salty has had her work stolen and placed on someone else's blog. Kate's writing literally made me start reading and writing blogs. It's so creepy to think that people lift others' deeply personal stuff and use it for their own ends. But it's heartening to see the magnitude of the outrage over this. I am just a tiny asteroid on the outskirts of this galaxy called the Blogosphere. But it's becomming an important part of my life, and I hate to see it abused.

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