Friday, July 25, 2008

A gushy fan letter

Dear Lyle Lovett,
You may remember me from the concert you gave last night at the Orpheum. Yeah, I was the girl in the front row(!) who had the goofy grin on her face all night. I swear, if there hadn't been a couple thousand people behind me, I would've danced my way through the whole show. I don't think I've ever been in the front row for a concert before; when the Ticketmaster site came up with those 2 tickets, just right of centre stage, I thought this is odd. There must be a catch. Oh well, I'll give it a shot. And boy, was I glad I did. No one in front of me, room to stretch out my legs, makin' eye contact with the band... very cool.
Even your opening act, Shawn Colvin, was fabulous. It's not everyone who can carry a big, big stage all by themselves, just voice and guitar, but she was awesome. And then your Large Band came on and blew us all away, so tight and slick you could tell there were hundreds of years' combined performing experience between them all. For an arranger wannabe like me, your band is a dream come true, combining strings and drums and incredible backup vocals and making it look so effortless.
And you're so nice! It's hard to fork out money for someone who has a giant ego to match their reputation, but you seemed very humble, and truly appreciative of the talent that surrounded you up there on that stage. Also, you really gave us our money's worth: over 2 hours of stuff, none of that one hour and I'm done crap.
Anyway, I don't usually gush like this. But your concert last night made me remember why I love hearing and playing music. For the whole time I was in my seat in that gorgeous theatre, I was in the moment and loving it... although I did wish I could leap up onstage with my squeezebox and join in. In my humble opinion, some of your songs could really use an accordion- what do ya say?
I'd love to see you the next time you and the Large Band roll thru town... but unless I can get seats that fabulous again, it might be a let-down.
Yours truly,
A Big Fan

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