Sunday, July 27, 2008

I get up around 10 these days, adapting my schedule to J's late-night one. Get stuff done during the day, work on the computer nights, watch movies 'til 2am once J has returned from doing his show... it's actually a pleasant schedule, and one I'll miss once we swing into rehearsals this coming week and I have to get up around 8:30.

We rented "The Walker" last night; an odd little film, and one that's unusual enough that I have to remark on it here. (BTW, if you actually enjoyed "The Bucket List", talk to the hand. That "film" wasted two hours of my life- not to mention wasting 2 great actors- and I'm pissed.) Anyway, about halfway through "The Walker" I said to J "Did you notice that the protagonist is a gay man? Who has a lover? This is unusual..." And indeed it was. How many mainstream movies can you think of (other than those films about Capote and I don't know if they count 'cause they're bio-pics) where the leading man is a homosexual in a relationship? And both of them help solve the mystery of the murder that drives the plot of the movie? And the lead character's gay-ness, although certainly a defining part of his character, is not the subject 'round which the whole plot revolves, but just a part of his life? Like I said, an odd little film; slow to get going but well-written and quietly subversive.

In a spectacularly complex Work Avoidance Technique, J & I visited the pet store a few days ago and got a new, smaller fish tank, complete with new "tenants" to inhabit it. It looks great, will be easier to maintain than his old 30-gallon monster... and will probably start fading into the background of our busy lives again quite soon, until we have to remind ourselves that yes, we have an aquarium, and its occupants need caring for. We've actually been researching ferret ownership, ever since I spotted one at Mister Pet's and fell for its winning ways. Apparently they sleep lots, and are curious, smart and playful when awake. However... it's never a good idea to impulsively rush into buying a pet, so if we do get one, it won't be for ages yet.

The weather has cooled off and clouds cover the sun, which makes our apartment livable these days. I'm almost looking forward to Autumn, to putting aside time and money for piano lessons, improving my playing skillz, woodshedding. It'll feel like a new beginning or something.


Myshka said...

i wanted to say a friendly "hello".


I've been a friend of Amanda's ( for about 8 years, and I saw your post, and the fact that you don't have children caught my eye.

I'm married, living in London, but don't have kids like all those other ladies and sometimes its nice to catch the few bloggers that are like me!

I enjoy your posts, and your descriptions of Vancouver are so cool...

Anyway, just a note to say hi.

Have a good one! Oh, and PS, I agree with The Bucket List. Double-ick.


Amanda said...

Oh, the Bucket List, I had a feeling when we clicked, "Order." Thanks for the reassuring comments about my neighbors. Wish I had a bit less of the Charlie Brown syndrome.