Saturday, July 12, 2008

This is what summer is all about...

  • Singing the national anthem at the Canadians' baseball game yesterday. At 1pm on a deliciously sunny Friday afternoon, the voices of the Back Kitchen cast (plus mine) float over the walls of the stadium and out into the east van air. And a slightly surreal publicity event becomes the epitome of summer.
  • Bumming around in Kits with my mom yesterday afternoon, sipping a Turkish Chill shake from East is East and Because a girl can never have too many. (I may not be a big fan of the high heel. I may like my clodhopping boots over kitten heels. But I am still a girl at heart and that means I loves me shoes.)
  • Watching The Back Kitchen one mo' time with my brother and a dozen friends. They laugh at the right places and stomp along to the show's songs. And at the end, they lead the standing ovation. And I realize, again, what a lovely family I have.
  • The promise of the beach today with said brother and sister-in-law. A dog, some snacks, the new kite, a bathing suit... it can't get better than that.

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