Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Four Things.

1. The heat is on. Finally. I am trying not to let a word of complaint pass my lips, even as I swelter in my 15-pound, made-of-curtain-material costume (I'm not kidding.) Because the sun is glorious. Amazing! We went to the lake yesterday and swam for the first time this summer. The tiny lake which was also the first place I swam last year after my surgery. And the site of many a lovely evening swim/BBQ. And the place where my sweetheart recently told me that he loves me. A perfect place to make new summer memories every year.
2. On a hot day, nothing tastes more refreshing than a Raspberry Vinegar drink from Strouss, conveniently located right across the road from the theatre where I work. If you're like me and don't like your drinks too sweet, try this: pour yourself some raspberry juice, and add a dash of apple cider vinegar. It'll quench your thirst like nothing else.
3. I think the sun has already read my blog and is feeling self-conscious, because it's hiding behind some clouds at the moment. Summer in a high mountain town is an exercise in seizing moments
4. Here's my schedule today: I got up, ran 5km, biked 6.5km to work, did a super high-energy show at 1pm, have another show at 4pm, have a rehearsal after that, and then will bike another 6.5km home tonight. I think I'm turning into a bit of an athlete. And I love it.