Monday, June 30, 2008

summery sketches

The heat in our apartment is so intense that a few nights ago I soak a towel in cold water and lay it, wrung out, on top of me. Tonight I leave our stifling living room, which has the uncanny knack of holding heat long after the day is done with it, and stroll to the nearest park, camera in hand. I come home to a clammy heat, our air conditioner-fan-thing being the type that you fill with water, which it then blows over, or through, or something. Not a real air conditioner. Not the bad-for-the-environment-but-good-for-me type that I secretly want to own. I drink water by the gallon today, go running in the sticky, overcast morning and feel damp, but virtuous.

My inheritance cheque arrives in the mail today as I am reading about tens of thousands of Jews exterminated in the Vilna ghetto; research for the next play. How did I end up lucky enough to have such a loving man in my life, a beautiful country to live in, plenty of material things? I sometimes wonder if there was suffering for me in another life, or if there is great suffering to come in this one? Don't tell me you haven't clung to the good things in your life, wondering if/when they'll be taken away?

Watched 4 episodes of "MacGyver" last night. Waaaay cheesier than I remembered; but on the plus side, Richard Dean Anderson is still a hottie. I watch the episodes with J, though, so I have to control the drooling.

This is a massive flower I found on my walk tonight. Grows on a tree- surely it's too big (and too late) to be a magnolia? Looks too huge and lush to grow here, but it does, all the same.

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