Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That's the sound of my nose, folks- it doesn't feel quite like a cold, more like allergies or just simple dust from the kite store, where everything leaves a film of grubbiness behind on my hands, on my pants, and in my nostrils, apparently. But my shifts there are done until September, and this week is dedicated to... Getting This Upcoming Show Ready. And so I sit here and read my favorite blogs, and type my own words, and check the news of the day, and just, basically... work avoidance again. The thought of a whole week reserved for getting things done is equally fabulous and terrifying: there'll be nothing to blame if I'm not ready to go a week from today. Except me.

Anyway, on a different note-
I went to the last evening of the Vancouver Folk Festival the other day after work... I went alone, which is not the best way to enjoy it, but at least I was free to move when I liked, sit when I liked, eat when I liked. I walked through the stalls outside the perimeters of the festival, admiring all the flow-y, silk-y, hippie clothes while for once resisting the urge to buy something I wouldn't be seen dead in outside a folk festival. (C'mon, 'fess up: how many of you have strange little numbers stuffed in the back of your closets that you paid five bucks for; little dresses made of sari silks, scarves of many colours, weird pants that only look good on 20 year-old flat-tummied hippie girls? Those clothes are like embarrassing 1-night stands that we want to kick out the door at first light.) I should've saved my bucks and perched on a log outside the festival fences, like I did last year, 'cause nothing and no one was worth the entry fee. Whatever musical alchemy went on this year, it didn't happen on the mainstage on Sunday night. However, I did groove alone to Michael Franti, who's always fun, even if his lyrics are a bit annoying sometimes. He's a guy who truly believes in the good stuff: peace, love, activism... and I have to love a guy who can insert "Robby, come to the stage, your parents are looking for you" into one of his rap songs without missing a beat.

I've also splurged on Lyle Lovett tickets for this Thursday night, and so this girl, who sees precious little live music for a musician, is going to get her fill this week. I'm not a huge country fan, but how could I pass up the chance to see Lyle and his Large Band? I used to listen to their live album religiously. I just hope it's a nice long concert.

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