Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I should be doing something else, but...

I am busy reading OPB (other people's blogs) and getting a serious case of the "I want a new life" blues.

For instance, there's this woman, she lives in HAWAII, for god's sake. With a handsome husband and two adorable kids. What would it be like to wake up in Hawaii every day? (It looks pretty friggin' awesome, actually.) Taking your offspring to the beach. Eating Asian food all the time- yum.

Or I stare at an Istanbul tourist site and remember the quick 8 days I was there and wonder if I'll ever get to go back. The smell of burning chestnuts from the street vendors. The haunting wail of the call to prayer floating from hundreds of mosques. The mysterious streets that wind smaller and smaller until they're spooky alleys haunted by strays, human and feline.

Or I watch a Johnny Clegg video on Youtube (research for the upcoming play I'm doing) and I want to be on a plane to Capetown. RIGHT NOW. Listening to amazing African rhythms and smelling new smells.

Or I read The Waifs' Myspace page (it has over 8000 friends!) and imagine living the life of a successful touring folk/pop band, juggling motherhood and music the way those girls are doing.

It's not that I'm tired of my life. It's just that there are so many roads to choose, and no matter how much we cram into our lives there's so much we can't possibly pack in.

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