Thursday, July 10, 2008

like a bird- sorta

For the past 2 nights, I've dreamed of flying.
Not freewheelin' it in the sky like a bird; this is a dream I've longed to have but can only remember having once. Usually when I dream of flying it involves planes, with all the anxiety they bring me. But these past few nights the flying dreams actually involved... kites.
Now I know I was less than thrilled with my job at the kite store when it began back in February. But my relationship with my boss has slowly changed for the better over the months, and while she'll never be my absolute fave person, we now get along pretty well. She likes the way I keep the store neat; I like the low responsibility levels of that job and the chance to be around toys all day. (Although working at the Kids' Only Market is still the best form of birth control I can think of, bar none.) And ever since I took a Prism Snapshot foil kite down to Mexico in April, I've wanted to try more kites, even though my style of flying them can be described thusly:
  • launch
  • flail
  • crash
  • tangle
  • repeat
Anyway, yesterday I finally got a gorgeous dual-line Prism 3D- perfect for Vancouver, I thought, which doesn't always have the highest winds. I didn't have the chance to try it yesterday, so I was excited to get it out today and see how it worked. I woke this morning to the jet-engine howl of the gale outside our apartment- gusts up to 60km/hr. My low-wind kite would snap and shatter in this tempest.
Sigh. Grounded for another day.

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