Monday, December 31, 2007

yup that's me, making Christmas last as long as I want it to.

So I'm up here in Kelowna, about to see in the new year...if I can stay awake that late. No seriously, I slept really badly last night for some reason (could it have been the bottle of Bailey's I drained right before bed?) and only got about 4 hours' sleep so tonight I'm gonna sleep long and well. And really, what's there to stay up for? I've had my fabulous meal- my dad & stepmom always see that I eat like a queen while I'm here- watched my movie... Dad is listening to a British Invasion collection CD and Tom Jones is crooning "It's not unuuuuusual"... I could sleep soon. I'm reducing my horizons: true happiness is now a perfectly pan-fried piece of sole and watching "You Kill Me" about a gazillion times with a curly-haired Portuguese Water Dog slumped on your lap. No, but Ben Kingsley is to die for in this flick, silly though it is. I could fall in love. I could fall in love with a 65-year-old bald British actor playing a Polish-American alcoholic hitman. I always did have a thing for older men actually. Especially the odd ones that every other girl said "eewww" about. Who's with me here?
This beats the pants off last year's new year's eve, which was also the closing night of "Christmas in Wales" over in Chemainus. We drank at the closing night/New Year's party with one eye on the clock, because 3 of us had to take the ferry back to the mainland the following morning and go straight to rehearsals at the Arts Club for the Back Kitchen. There's too much pressure to have a super-great blast on NYEve, because it's the start of the New Year, for god's sake, and if you don't have the best time ever then what kind of loser are you? Well I say the hell with it. Stay home with your true love far away and fall in love with some celluloid substitute instead.
Um, Happy New Year to my 1.5 readers, whoever you are.

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Juno Ruddell said...

I found you!

I was meaning to get your email at the last SP but it never happened...browsing around on Michelle's blog ....ta da... Just so you know, I have switched my blog off of I would love to have you as a reader again!!

Happy New Year to you and yours!