Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy (Burp) Christmas!

The festivities are winding down, the presents are open, the pile of junk food is being consumed at an alarming rate, the turkey leftovers are disappearing...
To me, the best part of Christmas is Christmas Eve, maybe because you can sense the anticipation of thousands of children in the air, the excitement of things to come. Christmas Day itself always feels bloated and quickly unexciting once the presents are open. I spent Christmas Eve day with my mom, preparing for the night's feast-ivities. J & his folks arrived soon after 5. The nicest surprise was that my brother was able to join us for a good few hours before going off to his night shift at the hospital (he loves that double-time pay). There was music (good ol' CBC), smoked oysters, sherry, and of course, the actual turkey dinner itself. Nicely lubricated by alcohol and background carols, the party flowed pleasantly. J's parents enjoyed themselves; freed from having to be the hostess from Hell, his mother could relax and enjoy herself. We all ate way too much of couse, but that's part of the fun. Then Mom & I took ourselves off later for the 11pm service at Christchurch Cathedral, which we've wanted to do fro years.
(This post was never completed, due to time constraints. But I'm posting it anyway)

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