Sunday, December 9, 2007

a little snow

It is grey outside, with a high ceiling of clouds, and a little snow trickling out of them as if it can't help itself. A dusting of it lies on the ground, but it's very thin and won't last long.
I read that it's going to be a long cold winter, and I'm glad, because it seems like such a Canadian thing to have a cold winter and we've been lacking them these last few years- Global Warming and all that. When there's snow on the ground I remember that there are no other countries between us and the North Pole, the top of the globe.
My sleep patterns are still very messed up... I tried to study for my theory exam last night and by 9:30 my eyes were drooping and I had to call it quits and retire to bed- I bet I was out like a light before 10pm. And I slept right through until 8:15 this morning- almost 12 hours! Well, I guess my body needs to sleep right now so I'll just let it- and be thankful that I have no kids to wake me at ungodly times.
I had a gig with the North Van Community Band yesterday: 25 or so of us labouring through Christmas songs at a North Van Christmas craft fair. I find it strangely satisfying, even though we are pretty bad. The percussion section is hilarious- it's made up of two 50-something ladies who look like the conservative moms they are. I mean, good on them for taking up the drums (especially if it embarrasses the hell out of their kids) but they have a very shaky sense of rhythm! The kit player took off on a Duke Ellington medley yesterday and the rest of us were caught unawares, suddenly galloping through "It don't mean a Thing if You Ain't Got That Swing". Still, even though I always hate the pain-in-the-ass factor of commuting to the north shore, I always feel better after tooting away on the clarinet for a couple hours. I think it's the healthy flow of air through the lungs (and I very seldom cough while playing, I've noticed), plus the nostalgia factor of being back in North Van, where I grew up- it's a tidy place where the houses are comfy and everybody looks as if they have enough money.
Today, Zeellia is playing an outdoor (shiver) gig on Cambie Street- three nine-minute sets scattered throughout a 5-hour period. Who thinks up these things?!

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