Tuesday, December 18, 2007

new opportunities

On Saturday night, a new band was born. It might become the one band I've hoped of playing in for years, or our combined crazy schedules might pull it apart. But I'm hoping we can make it work. There's an excitement, an electricity when we play together, even though it's not a polished sound yet. The potential is awesome- I'll have to practice my butt off to keep up with these guys.
We stood in front of a bunch of theatre people, some who've known me since I was just starting out as a musician, and played just a few songs for the Leaky Heaven fundraiser- I must say it was very satisfying to look and sound good in front of people I want to work with and an old crush was there, which was extra fun- and they loved it! Here are some of the things we heard:
"You guys sound as if you've been playing together for years!"
"What great singing!"
"I've never seen anyone play the accordion with such passion...and such eroticism!" Seriously, I'm not making this up.
Anyway, I have to run, but keep your fingers crossed for me. This could be awesome.

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