Saturday, January 5, 2008

Grey Planes & Gloomy Skies

Today, as my mom & I scoured Chinatown for hula hoops to spin ourselves to healthier weights (don't ask), a huge grey military plane circled downtown Vancouver menacingly, over and over. It was the threat of that as much as the cloudy skies & chilly winds that cut our shopping trip short. Later, I heard on news radio that it was just taking pictures of downtown as part of a military exercise, and to prepare for the Olympics. Funny how chilling it was though, especially since J & I have been gorging ourselves on the post-apocalyptic tv series "Jericho".
I flew back from Kelowna yesterday, through bumpy skies (ugh). I'm actually glad I've been able to fly 6 times in the last month, as it proves to me that I can handle it, although I may never like it much. I so want to travel in the next few years, and now I have my passport it feels so much more tangible, so if flying is the price I have to pay to see the world, bring it on!
J dropped onto the floor in a dead faint yesterday at Blockbuster Video, which is so much better than if he had done so in the car, although still puzzling and scary. I was just asking him if he wanted to keep the video membership card in his wallet when he said "I guess so" in a really dopey voice and folded to the floor. This is the 4th or 5th times he's done that in the last couple of years and I really wish that the doctors could figure out why. Brain tests this time, instead of the heart tests he had last time- let's hope they figure out why this is happening! I'm scared it's going to happen when he's driving somewhere...
I came back from Kelowna more in love with him than I've felt for a while, grateful for his warmth and comfort, and happy to cocoon for a while as I try and kick this bronchial bug. Sometimes love catches me by surprise and I feel so thankful for it, after all these years.

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