Tuesday, December 11, 2007

random gratefulness

I feel genuinely sorry for those people who dread this time of year. Whether it's tragic memories, evil family members you suddenly have to cook for or just too much damn money flying from the wallet, some folks just can't seem to get behind this "merry" part of Christmas at all. Time then for me to give heartfelt thanks that although my wallet is running on fumes and probably no one will get a Christmas prezzie from me, even my sweetie, I am looking forward to spending some happy nights eating and drinking too much with the people I truly love. My mom gets back into town tonight after touring the province with "The Emperor's New Threads"- I have so much tell tell her- all about my trip, which is feeling a bit like a dream at this point... I have just bought the fixin's for a chicken stew, so J & I will bask in chicken-y goodness tonight... We no longer have cable, so we'll have to think up some other inexpensive way to make the hours pass- this could be good for our love life!
I just dragged my sorry ass back to the gym today after many months away. First it was school starting, then the pumpkin patch, then the stage managing job... something had to go and exercise was it. Well, after a month of flopping around the house like a dying fish because of my bronchitis I was as weak as a kitten. Good thing I didn't start by jogging, as I nearly did! In my fantasies, a horde of overweight women in stretchy clothes would have welcomed me back and paraded me around the room in triumph after I completed my 2 circuits. But my Curves is shamelessly low-key (thank god), so I got a pleasant "hello"on my arrival and worked out in peace and quiet.
Oh, and I survived my one music exam yesterday, although I slept so much this past week that I didn't study as hard as I should have. Honestly, every time I so much as glanced at my notes I'd fall into a coma. But I think I passed, although not with flying colours or anything. And my teacher said my jazz/swing arrangement of "I Love Paris" was one of the best in the class, so score one for the old, cunning, part-time students!
Time to go and practice my clarinet now...

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