Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Tis the Sneezin'

A Merry Christmas Poem:(
Jon & I are stuffed-up and snotty
My bronchitis is still making me feel grotty
Christmas Day will probably find us in bed
Both of us heartily wishing we were dead
I played music with friends last night until one
Then walked 35 blocks home in the rain, which was dumb
Tonight there's another party- should I go?
Well, of course, the answer is "no"
But there'll be friends, and booze, and smoked salmon
Laughing and singing and lots of jammin'
So of course I'll be there, guaranteed
Even though I should probably be quarantined
*(the author accepts no responsibility for the lousy rhyming scheme of this poem, as she has now been sick for about 6 weeks and her brain is turning to mush. She has canker sores on her tongue that make speaking & eating challenging, a cold, and the aforementioned bronchitis is still around. Any suggestions on how to make this all go away would be heartily appreciated.)

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