Sunday, January 20, 2008

I cannot. bloody. believe. this.

...this being the (apparently) Strep Throat I woke up with this morning. What the hell kind of cosmic tomfoolery is this? Don't you know, oh ye gods of pestilence and illness, that I've had lung-shaking, rib-cracking bronchitis/asthma/whatever for two months? That it was finally fading away these last few weeks and I was so happy to feel human again? That I was running, eating really healthily, forgoing all desserts? I was so damn happy to be able to walk down the street without making sure I'd peed 20 times because every time I coughed it was so racking that if there was any liquid in my bladder it would... trickle out? And now, now I ache all over, my throat has pointy knives living in it and to top it all off I had to suffer through a photo shoot and a recording session with Redboot? And I was so bloody cold all day and I had to look good and play well and I didn't exactly feel up to the task, dammit.
Well fuck you. I just ate a big bowl of frozen yogurt and I'd do the same in a second. Healthy eating my ass.

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