Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Any jobs out there for accordion-playing booksellers?

It's so humbling to realize that you are qualified for very few professions in life. Music Director? Yes, but only if I don't have to play the piano, which I can't really do. Musician? Well, yes, but there's so much I still need to learn. Babysitter? Ok in a pinch, but kids are exhausting and I only want to do it for my friends. Retail? I am a damn good bookseller. But the pay's for shit. I've somehow reached the age of 33 without *ever* waitressing, line-cooking or temping, so those jobs are probably out. I don't even own one set of "business casual" clothing, something I realized while sitting at my job interview the other day in a funky black skirt, black top, red hat and long red boots. In the corporate world of BBW International Event Management I was a non-conformist ugly duckling who stuck out a mile. However... I did get a job out of them, a horrible-sounding job that entails checking the ID of everyone who's going into this big food & beverage convention. Even the woman who interviewed me warned me that it would probably suck because people don't like to be told they're not allowed in. And... I have an interview at Wonderbucks on Friday. Maybe there'll be cheap houseware in my future! Really, all I want to do is play music, study music and perform music for money. But it ain't gonna happen like that, not in Vancouver.
The Redboot Quartet gets better by leaps and bounds, though. I've probably played more this last 2 weeks than I have in months and months. It's amazing how quickly you improve when you're playing at least 2 hours a day. We have our second gig tomorrow night- I can't wait!

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