Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's cold here.

I cheated. This picture was actually taken on Boxing Day, but it will suffice, because it is as cold and snowy (on the mountains) today as it was then.
There is something magical about the shape of a roller coaster, especially one that's all alone. Something vaguely spooky about a fairground with nobody in it. Why is it that there's this creepy underside to carnivals and fairs, anyway? Maybe it's the fear and the fun lying side by side as we whirl and spin and swoop on old, creaky rides that might just fly apart on us. Or the carnies who would steal your wallet as soon as look at you. Anyway, whatever it is, I prefer to wander around Playland when no one's there, but that might just be that my inner ear can't cope with almost all the rides, so nausea is my constant companion if I actually venture on the rides.
Listening to Patty Griffin as I write this, which is making me envious. Her voice is gorgeous- she can do so much with simple chords and her writing is amazing. My voice is a croak today, thanks to this throat infection. I can't wait to be able to just open my mouth and wail again!
Above is a picture of my new group, the Redboot Quartet. Our faces are quite nice too, but the red boots sum us up so much better. This picture was taken at New Brighton Park just like the first picture of the mountains. It was last Sunday, it was freezing, and I was feeling ghastly. Then I had to go and record 4 challenging tracks right afterwards. The demo turned out better than I'd expected, all things considered. I made lots of goofs, which bugs me. But to the undiscerning ear, it probably sounds ok. Anyway, lots of our energy shines through, which is the main thing.
J continues to amaze me with his commitment to getting healthier. His is the passion of the newly converted, but it kills me when he looks at a label and says "Did you know that this fish sauce has over 1300 mgs of Sodium per tablespoon?" He runs and/or does a long walk every day. I'm so pleased for him, and it's good for me too, of course, since we're eating so much better (and smaller portions). Now, if anyone has any ideas about boosting a flagging immune system, bring it on, ok? I've said it before, but I'm so bloody sick of being sick.

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