Sunday, January 13, 2008

drunken moments

"Did I make a drunken fool of myself last night, Jon?"
"Well, only a little bit."

...and I'm paying for it today with a hangover that is only now receding, at 2 in the afternoon. How does it get this late in the day so soon? Oh yeah, it's because we don't get up 'til noon!
Stellar rehearsing and partying last night until the wee hours (oh I see as many hours in the day as all you 9-5ers, they're just not the same hours). I looked around the table at my 3 bandmates as we were eating our roast chicken dinner- we like to eat and drink together as well as play music-and I thought this is the band I've been waiting for. This could be the one.
Job interview tomorrow for a big event management corporation- pray for me.

And lastly, this is my 100th post. Not a very profound one, I know, but I've stuck it out here in Blogland since March and I'm still lovin' it!

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