Monday, April 9, 2007

my weekend is here!

Still no pictures- I've been neglecting my little camera. Wow- a long week, and I'm glad of the time off, although I've been having a great time. Everyone's been so appreciative of my being involved in the shadow play, and I'm glad to make a difference. We did our first run-through yesterday. Yikes! I don't know many pro actors who could multi-task in the way that we're asking these downtown eastsiders to do, but the great thing is that although the process can be frustrating, because we're all doing too much, everyone seems genuinely grateful and happy to be involved. I was talking to this one guy after the rehearsal and he said that this was the most fun he'd ever had. Part of me was glad he was having a good time and part of me was appalled that this was the best it had gotten for him. This is not a young guy we're talking about here.

This is the poster for the shadow play. I'd call it by its full name but it's way too long- almost all the plays I do seem to have ridiculously long titles! WAITT is a pretty good acronym, though.

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