Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A break in the rainy blah that has been our spring so far. Not that it condescended to be actually SUNNY or anything, but it's dry and there is some blue sky showing through. So I decided it was about time to break in the new running shoes I got about 3 weeks ago! I went for a gentle run, as the shoes were brand-new and also I hadn't been running for weeks. I thought it would be a perfect time to head to the port and bring my camera.

The Rogers Sugar refinery smells like burning sugar as you pass by- an inspirational smell!

I'd forgotten how many people haunt this area during the day- a zombie parade of the down-and-out. I didn't want to flash my camera too much, but I love this park, even more for it being in such a poor area. I have never felt unsafe down here- my guess is that most people are on their own trips down here and will leave you alone, unless you look particularly mug-able.
I found this great park, Portside Park it's called, which has amazing views of the north shore and the city itself. I don't have a lot of experience of other cites, but I think Vancouver really closed itself off from the water, which is such a shame. Even now, with some parks like this, downtown seems to draw up its toes and back away from Burrard Inlet, whereas Victoria opens up to the sea.

I know it's a bit geeky to run around by myself snapping pictures but it feels great to be outside after being holed up in the Russian Hall all week. BTW, tonight's our preview- pray for me!

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