Tuesday, April 10, 2007

another day on the ol' balcony

Sometimes I feel like that character in the movie "Smoke", who took a picture every day from the door of his smoke shop. Augie, that was his name. So many pictures of the same view, and yet every one is so different. I was trying to get artsy and just focus on the lovely red crane in this shot, but it's not a great job because the zoom on this camera isn't that great.
A nice, peaceful day off today and yesterday, recovering from the long week of shadow play rehearsals. I visited Malcolm & Naomi's new place in Guildford yesterday, and tonight we'll be doing a famiy dinner at my mom's. Have to try not to talk theatre all evening- it's boring for Malcolm & Naomi!
Speaking of which... I have a sneaking suspicion that the work I hoped I'd get in the summer won't come to pass. So I'll have to do a good job up in Enderby next month and then- who knows? I feel confident that something will come up, I just hope it's something really great.
I've been having lots of thoughts about playing more music and doing a bit less theatre for a bit- if only it paid better! I got together with Megan (from Flying Folk Army) to play some music recently and it felt great and terrible at the same time- great to play music with a friend I've shared so many gigs and rehearsals with, terrible to be so out of practice! I've spent so much time recently focussed on theatre that my chops have suffered! Time to set up a practice schedule.

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