Wednesday, April 25, 2007

how many ways can I avoid working?

Apparently, quite a few. I can: go to the gym (takes up 45 minutes or so), shop for dinner supplies (another 20 minutes or so), read the Running Room catalogue (quite boring- almost makes me want to work), go to the Sparkpeople site and enter my food intake for the day... oh, the ways are limitless.
I'm SUPPOSED to be writing music for the upcoming show I'm doing in Enderby, but I feel kinda off today- sore throat and looow energy. So I'm parked in front of the computer, but precious little work is being done. I'm visiting a lot of Bach websites as research- Cathy will be playing quite a few Bach preludes in the show. My job may be persuading her to play less, we'll see how they sound! One of the songs I'm supposed to write is supposed to be a riff on prelude 24, book2 of The Well-Tempered Clavier: oh yeah, I'll just pull THAT out of my ass- a "riff" on a piece by one of classical music's gods!
I do love listening to the incredible structure of these pieces though- they contain so many ideas and lines all somehow working perfectly together. It's musical math at its finest. My friend Gord says he hates to play them because they're so hard- Chopin is apparently much more fun.
I have this webcam site that I've been watching the last week- it's a camera on Broome Beach in Australia. If you watch it around 2:40pm our time, you'll see the camera view go from dark to light very fast- the sun seems to come up very quickly. Usually it's a beautiful sunny beach paradise, but today I notice that it looks as grey and wet as it is here in East Van. Even paradise has to have shitty weather every once in a while I guess.
I am frustrated at how hard it is to entertain myself these days- I spend a lot of my day doing nothing. I know I will probably miss these idle times when I am in the thick of the next project, but I am a bit bored with the gym-market-home routine. Yesterday I had a recording session with the Reptiles and it felt so great to play the clarinet and hang out with those crazy folks for a while.
In other news... I bought a laptop on the weekend! A cute little used Macbook, for a mere $960. It will be making the trip to Enderby with me, and I hope other out-of-town projects follow, so I can justify its existence in my life. To have 3 computers in a 2-person household feels dangerously decadent.
Alright, enough wallowing- I'm gonna make spaghetti sauce, since the music does not flow today.