Friday, March 30, 2007

I feel so drained and blah today- don't know why. Could be 'that time of the month', could be a wicked pot hangover- we smoked some fairly strong weed last night. Could just be the blahs. I'm tired and low energy and SAD. But, but, but... I DID manage to drag myself to the gym, so that's something, I guess. We'll see how I do now that I have a job lined up for this month!
Yes, a j-o-b. Terry & Savannah of Vancouver Moving Theatre were looking for an ASM for their current show, a shadow puppet piece about addiction called "We're All In This Together". So I emailed them my resume and poof! got hired the next day. Wasn't going to say yes to it, but the pay is better than I'd hoped for, which means that if summer jobs don't pan out, I can still breathe easy for a while. The Enderby show is a go as well, so I have work lined up until May 23. I have a bit of a first-day-of-school feeling about starting the ASM job tomorrow: I hope I can be organised and 'with it' enough to be an ASM! My mom did a big show for VMT a few years ago- they use a lot of downtown eastside community members so it's stressful- as it always is working with non-professionals, plus they're from the poorest neighbourhood in Canada so they're often pretty messed up people. So it could be a gong show. gulp.
Jon has got a few days of work moving things for the Playhouse, so he hasn't had to go back to the warehouse yet.
Um, what else? I don't feel like writing more, I'm tired and grumpy. Time to switch off this addictive screen for a while...

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