Friday, March 16, 2007


Our last couple of shows in Kelowna are upon us already! I wish I could say that all the healthy living and eating have paid off but unfortunately I am very congested and sleepy right now and would like nothing better than to collapse into bed for 2 days or so. I blame some of it on the dry dustyness of this town, which must be a shock to my system after wet old Vancouver. It'll be interesting to see how fast this clears up once I am home. That won't be for a few days yet because I'm going to stay up here and visit with Dad and June on Sunday, and then have a lazy day to myself on Monday before bussing back alone on Tuesday afternoon. Jon wants to get back home earlier than me so I'll be solo for a few days. After living as a group for the last 10 days this will be restful, although we've been a very harmonious group for the most part. The shows have been going well and last night we had a big crowd and our first standing ovation since the Fringe. Cathy Stubington from Runaway Moon Theatre in Grindrod and her eldest daughter Rosa came to see it last night. I remember Rosa as a 6-year-old from when I did "Anoushka and Rosa Go To Find The Sun" with Cathy and Lois Anderson. Now she's a teenager. She looks exactly the same though- Cathy's kids never change, they just get bigger! I really hope Runaway Moon will have the money and the inclination to invite me to be a part of their spring puppet show but I'm not going to hold my breath in case nothing comes of it. I will have to sort out the rest of my life once I get back to the city, probably part of the reason I'm in no rush to return yet...

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