Monday, March 5, 2007

road trip.

Well, I'm off to Kelowna tomorrow! I'm packing- well, I'm pretty much done by now. Tracey & I will be taking the set up tomorrow and the rest of the cast follows on Tuesday. This is my first stage managing gig in about 10 years- gulp. I'm a lot bossier and with-it than when I last tried it, but it's still a hard and a thankless task and I'm interested to see how it will go. My Mom, who's touring with Axis Theatre doing "The Emperor's New Threads", has hurt her back pretty badly hauling set pieces around and is limping around on painkillers- that's the glamour of stage managing, folks.
J and I had a little party last night to celebrate his 37th birthday (which was last Wednesday). I wasn't expecting much because not many people RSVP'd, but it turned out to be a lovely time. About 10 people turned up and it was just one of those nice parties where everyone gels really well- of course, it was almost all theatre people who knew each other anyway, but it was just a great combination of people. Good food, good friends- we have to do more entertaining. The only downside is that our building has no buzzer, so we have to keep running down to let people in! Still, it burns calories...
Speaking of which, I joined a gym on Thursday (!) and have resolved to go at least 3 times a week. Might as well do something with all the free time I'm gonna have after this Kelowna gig. It's a Curves, actually, which I always thought was for fat housewives, but the main thing is it's really close to our place, and they have branches everywhere, so I can go while we're in Kelowna. And it's always practically empty when I go, which I REALLY like. So we'll see if they can help with my ongoing bulge battle... I'm also trying to run regularly, but with the weather still being so crappy, it's hard to get motivated to go outside. Had a nice run tonight, though, and I know that Kelowna has some nice running routes.
And lastly, it sort of keeps lurking in the back of my mind- my stepmom, June, has had a reoccurrence of her cancer. They don't know how bad or where it is yet, so she and my dad are dealing with all this uncertainty and fear right now. They live in Kelowna, so I'm really glad I can be with them these next two weeks. I say it keeps lurking because I don't think about it all the time but then I'll remember and get this prickle of fear. I don't know what will happen, but it makes any minor mishaps in the Back Kitchen seem like a very small deal...
Wish me luck in Kelowna- I'll try to write!

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