Tuesday, March 6, 2007

brain fry.

Wow. Just had some great steak at the Keg with the BKRP cast. After a full day of rehearsing it felt rreeeally good to retire to the Keg and scarf down some meaty goodness! Plus a couple of drinks. My brain is reeling from being a stage manager all day- I don't really dig the responsibility of having to be the responsible one all the time but as gigs go, this is a pretty easy one. At least the cast knows their blocking and their jobs, better than I do. So I just had to call cues and keep things on schedule. Not so bad, but I hope my next gig involves showing up and just doing what I'm told!
On the bright side, the royalty cheques from the Arts Club tour were way bigger than we originally expected. And Tracey and I had a great drive up here yesterday (as did the cast today). Lots of rain near Van, but nice and sunny in the mountains, and no ice on the roads.
Urg- I'm too fried to write more tonight. I'll cruise around and take some pictures once we've opened...

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