Monday, March 12, 2007

full heart

Winding down the day in front of the tv, watching "Romancing the Stone" Sarah May and Jon. Woke up after a restless night with a cold, but was determined not to let it ruin my one day off. So despite the howling, gale-force winds blowing whitecaps across the lake, Sarah May and I set off to climb Knox Mountain. Luckily the sun was as strong as the wind and I was in my tank top by the time we reached the top, an hour later. Brown grass, straggly pines, and a view to die for! The walk down was a welcome relief after so much climbing, and we were home only a couple of hours later with gigantic appetites. My ham-and-cheese omelette tasted amazing.

Spent the afternoon at the mall with JT, Tacey and SM, buying MORE clothes. Our week up here has been a bit of a shopfest among us girls, and between the mall and all the secondhand clothing stores we've racked up, well, I'VE racked up quite a few expenses. But I have to say it's been worth it, especially the haircut I had on opening night- I hadn't realized how bad I was feeling about myself until I had my haircut and couldn't stop smiling! Now it's short and spiky again, and I don't even mind the grey hairs above my ears.
The shows have been going very well so far- my dad and June came with 8 friends on Saturday night and loved it. I've been exercising every day and eating super well, so this trip feels like a bit of a cleanse so far.

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