Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow & smoked salmon

I was reading the CBC news website tonight and chuckling to myself at the weather report at the top left of the page: Light rainfall. Meanwhile, a veritable blizzard was raging outside my window as I read. Snow, wind- it was the perfect night for the ladies of Zeellia to meet and have a Doctor Zhivago party at my place... unfortunately the lady with the DVD couldn't find a bus or a cab to get her here. Snow in Vancouver: the way we handle it (and by "we" I mean our transit system and things like, um, snow plows) is what makes all the other cites in Canada despise us. So Amelia, Carmen and I sat around my table, drank Vodka, ate incredible home-smoked salmon that Carmen's husband catches and makes, and caught up on the holiday news. Clinging to the last days of parties and eating Christmas leftovers before "real life" begins again. Probably much more fun than trying to sit through a very dated movie!

I guess it depends what day Christmas and New Year's Day falls on, but the the last few days of the holidays are pretty limbo-ish. Case in point: this year Christmas and New Year's were on a Thursday, so there were 3 post-Holiday days to get through before things get back to normal tomorrow. I went back to work yesterday, and UBC was a ghost town, with no one on campus and holiday window displays still up. Tonight's storm caught everyone by surprise, as it was supposed to rain. But the temperatures are rising, and I think the snow may finally be on its way out. Carmen says we've had 22 days of snow; I don't remember anything near as much as that in the 20 years I've lived on the 'wet' coast. I know it inconvenienced a lot of people but I'll always remember this as the year we had a storybook white Christmas. Sad to think we may be back to grey and rain until about May...

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