Saturday, December 6, 2008

When it comes to silver, I am the proverbial magpie. And while rings can be annoying and bracelets dangle from my freakishly small wrists, a good necklace makes me salivate. So I am very happy because today I can wear my new necklace (if I ever get dressed, that is)!!! And my funky new camera strap from Chicago should be coming any day now (she wrote hopefully). And to celebrate, J and I took to the streets (well, just the one street actually) and I continued adding to my newest photo series: neon signs of Commercial Drive.

I find that all too often these years, Christmas rushes past me without my getting a chance to properly acknowledge it. And I love Christmas. Not all the aspects of it, but a lot of it: Carols (but don't get me started on any songs written after about 1906- they don't count), the excitement of children, sparkley decorations, shopping... there's a lot to love. This year I'm determined not to let Christmas get away without enjoying some of the hokey pleasures that make it delightful. So the other day, I decorated our apartment with shiny blue disco balls, silver snowflakes, and lights. All while listening to King's College choir. And it was great. Christmas will be a nice contrast to the show I'm rehearsing, which is all about killing. And more killing. And the resultant misery. I'm having such a great time so far, and rehearsals are going really well. But it's nice to poke my head out from the tragedy of Medea and her doomed family and remember that my favorite holiday is fast approaching...

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