Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Caroling and Greek Tragedy

I had a post on the back burner the other day, a moan about Vancouver's unrelenting greyness. But I got bored just writing it, so I canned it without publishing it. And of course, Vancouver being the tease she is, there was actually sun today- real sun. Not that I saw a lot of it, since I was inside a black-box theatre doing Greek tragedy all day. But it was there, and I enjoyed it on my lunch break, so there.

My mood's been swingin' all over the place in the last few days; not that that has anything to do with the fact that it's That Time of the Month Again. A few days ago I was feeling frustrated and weepy, (nope, definitely nothing to do with That Time, eh?), and today I feel as if I could climb mountains. I had a great rehearsal at UBC today- after all the self-doubt I go through every time I do a show, it was good to hear songs I wrote echoing through the theatre, vanquishing the pale little ghost of me at 19, when I last went to UBC and hated most of it.

This evening I took the bus to Memory Lane (AKA North Vancouver) to sing Christmas Carols with the Collingwood/Argyle Schools Alumni Choir. Grads from my school (Collingwood) and the other school (Argyle), who share a total dynamo of a choir teacher. Ok, so we had her for 2 years and they still have her, but we loved her and we got to go to Europe with her back when I was 17, so I was thrilled to go to this thing after many years of not being available for it. What freaked me out was that I was expecting all the choir to be about my age, but apart from a few other Collingwood grads who were a couple years older than me, they were all much, much younger. Still, it was awesome to see some old friends I literally hadn't seen for 16 years, and to be able to tell one of my favorite music teachers that I was still a musician after all this time. Oh, and I get to sing Christmas Carols at 3 separate little gigs, or giglets, if you will.


Jenny said...

Wish I could hear you sing!

Anonymous said...

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