Friday, August 1, 2008

dreams & reality

Last night I had a dream that my rehearsal today would go well... and it did. I love it when dreams like that come true. Today I found my place, at least for the time being, and watched the music fitting in to different scenes in the play and listened to 10 or more voices singing music that I arranged and it was balm to my tired ears.

We rehearse for 2 more days this week and Sunday night (technically Monday morning) I'll climb aboard a Greyhound bus (with some trepidation, after this week's gruesome decapitation incident) and head to Kelowna to spend two quick days with my Dad and my stepmom and her family and... I don't know, exactly. Say goodbye, I guess. Celebrate what's left of my stepmom's life while she's still fit to enjoy company. Get to be Auntie Alison to her grandkids and plant the seeds of a relationship that I promised my stepmom I would continue after she goes. Try and give my dad some support. And then fly back to Vancouver Tuesday night and go back to work.

Yesterday I looked over at my mom, who's stage managing this play, and she looked old to me, for almost the first time ever. Lines around her mouth I'd never noticed. And I thought this is only the beginning of learning how to say goodbye to people I love. Almost 34 years old and I've had it so, so easy.

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