Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The weirdest tech day ever,

Wow, what a day/night...
Tech day: where performers are allowed to be called for up to 10 hours out of a 12-hour period.
Cue-to-cue with float planes, roosters, trains and tourists making cacophony.
First play finished- goes quite well; second one still to do:
7:30pm: Rain begins.
8pm: Rain continues.
8:30pm: Rain gets really serious; musicians are released for the night.
9pm: Everyone is released, 2 hours early, because the !#$@%$% rain will. not. stop.
9-9:30pm: tons of props, puppets and instruments have to be loaded onto a wagon and pulled (by me among others) back to the lock-up.
So tired; cannot even form intelligent sentences.

But seriously folks: if you live in the Vancouver area, c'mon down to Stanley Park and see Letters From Lithuania. We'll be the actors either shivering in the rain or sweltering in the heat, swatting mosquitoes all night long. It's been a long, hard process, but the end result may be something quite magical... if it ever stops raining.

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