Sunday, August 17, 2008

Take back the movie theatre

So the J-man and I were watching a movie at the good ol' Van East cinema tonight: Tropic Thunder. (stupid and gory and very, very funny, by the way.) And this guy was talking to his friends. Very, very loudly. Like, not even pretending to whisper. And I'd taken enough crap from people this week. I mean, this play I'm doing is Gong Show Centrale, to use a phrase of my buddy Amelia's. So I take a deep breath, point my face in Talky's direction and say, very loudly "Could you please shut up? Thanks."
Thereby scoring one for all the timid folks like me who usually say nothing to idiots but would really like to.
And they actually did shut up. For the rest of the movie.
So there.

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Agasel said...

I like to do the "Ssssshhhh!!!". Although it took 3 tries last time I did it (at The Strangers a.k.a. worst movie ever).