Friday, August 15, 2008

So this is what 6am looks like...

There's a soft light coming in through the windows, a light I seldom see, since I am more prone to rising at 10am than 6am. But last night was so hot, and I was in such a bait, that I tossed and turned until 5:30 and then gave up. It was either lie there and punch my pillow in frustration at the way things are being done in this show I'm working on, or admit that sleep wouldn't return, get up, and have a pleasant stroll to the bank while it was still cool enough to move. So I did, and it was a great idea; a chore completed (I had to deposit a cheque), and a green tea and muffin eaten at the local coffee shop (who knew they opened so early?).

How are things? Don't even ask. Uh, so we know you have a bass player in this show. And you arranged a lot of your music for his bass, among other things. But, um, his bass isn't going to fit on this stupid fuckass miniature train that the band is playing on. So, um, can you change everything after page 33? I don't even have the energy to write about it at the moment. It's just after 7am now and I can try to go back to sleep or I can get a shitload of work done before I have to go to rehearsal. I'll be very dozy and grumpy today, but then, I probably would be anyway, given the way things are going.

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