Saturday, June 14, 2008

music plus.

I'm awash in music this week- researching Yiddish folk songs and other stuff for "Letters From Lithuania", which'll be on late this summer. And also in the thick of rehearsals for "The Back Kitchen", which the Arts Club Theatre is producing and which will be on all July at the Granville Island stage. So funny to hear those songs again, to hear the same lines Trevor wrote back in 2004 coming to life one more time. We had no expectations for that little Fringe Festival show and here we are 4 years later; it lives on and people still find it funny, and touching. Royalty fees aside (and I'm truly grateful for those, believe me) it's also just a wonderful feeling to know that these songs and words we put so much love into will have life again, for one more summer. Probably for the last time, too, unless we get really lucky.

Played a fundraiser last night for someone who hasn't been lucky, a musician I don't know who was involved in a high-speed car crash coming home from a session. In New York. With no medical insurance. Somehow the Reptiles got asked to play and it was a strange and surreal experience playing Christ Church Cathedral (Burcu wearing a t-shirt with the image of a stick man throwing a cross in the garbage) in front of all these sober-looking musicians. Going on stage right after the legendary Jim Byrnes. (So technically, he opened for us!) Burcu finding 4 little kids and dressing them up in shiny finery and persuading them to dance on stage as we played. We were, as always, the motliest crew on the scene, and pretty ragged, musically speaking. I think the show would've done better in a bar or a theatre, where people could relax. As it was, the (fairly small) audience were stiff and silent, the whole affair very subdued. Oh, and every band got 10 minutes, so it was the shortest gig I've ever played.

Ran into an old crush yesterday, the kind who was never in any way a serious prospect, just someone who used to brighten my days when I worked in Kitsilano. Sometimes you see that kind of person again and think: what was I on? But not with this one- we chatted, and I looked at those gorgeous green eyes and thought maybe in some other lifetime, handsome. And I went on my way with my day brightened once again.

I have given up on cleanses and the like, at least for now, but I have given up sweet things this week- surprisingly I haven't had the mind-boggling cravings for sugar that I had while I was attempting to do the Wild Rose cleanse. However, I haven't lost a pound yet either, so that sucks. Seems to me when a girl stops eating sweeties, drinks buckets of water and avoids overtly bready things, she should be rewarded with an instantly svelte figure, don't you agree?

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