Thursday, June 26, 2008

Avoidance Techniques

I think I've mentioned before how good I am at avoiding composing work by doing anything, anything else I can think of, even-ugh- cleaning. This time we've hit a new low: I've wrangled myself an audition tomorrow. For "Les Miserables"... ME! I can only hope that it doesn't turn out to be the most humiliating thing I've ever done, especially as the company that's producing it is the same one that's currently presenting "The Back Kitchen", so it's not as if I can slink away and avoid them the rest of my life. Not only is the audition tomorrow but the reviews for BK will be out any day, which may or may not call for more sinking (or slinking) feelings. Our director has flown back to NYC, so they'll hardly affect him, if he even reads 'em. The opening night show was- well let's say it was a bit uneven, especially musically. Also nerve-wracking to have to watch it with a largish chunk of the theatre community in attendance. After slouching in the back row through any number of previews, completely unaffected, I was surprised by how nervous I was. Jon, however, is a local celebrity in our neighbourhood, having heard the BK soundtrack blasting out of someone's windows a few days ago, and getting recognized and praised in the local JJ Bean this afternoon. I am still always proud and happy to watch him on stage, especially as this part is so perfect for him.

Anyway, I just have to sing 16 bars of a musical theatre number for the audition tomorrow. No monologues, thank god, and no dancing. I scooted down to the library to find a piece (not being much of a performer I don't have a bunch of stuff ready for auditions, as I should). My choice: "Maybe This Time", from "Cabaret". It's in my vocal range, I can belt it out with confidence, and I've always loved Kander & Ebb, so maybe they'll bring me luck. I can truly say that there's probably no one auditioning for this production who knows musicals less than I do. Although there are exceptions to my rule, I'm not really a fan of traditional "musical theatre". I don't like the screechy/belty character voices, the schmaltzy arrangements, the whole culture of singin'dancin'actin'. I love my theatre with live music (preferably with me performing it), but that's a very different kettle of fish than real musical theatre. However, there are exceptions (Kurt Weill, Kander & Ebb, Sondheim) and I shouldn't dis a genre I know so little about. It would be a total hoot to land a little chorus part for the fall and learn more about musicals, so keep your fingers crossed for me, and pray that all the recent cigarettes won't make me croak like a frog!

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