Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Wells Report

Dear Everyone,
                           So I'm in Wells today, settling in to my new home (for the next 3 weeks), the Pan Abode (it's a name for that particular style of wooden house, apparently. My roommates are members of the cast, so I really hope we all get along once rehearsals start or things will be pretty awkward). They are very sweet; it's not their fault that they're all, like, twenty. freakin'. years. old. And fresh out of theatre school. And all know each other because they all went to the same theatre school in Victoria. No really, I'm over it. At first I called J in a bit of a panic, but now I'm adapting. I'm a cranky Virgo, but I can adapt. 

J and I have our own version of "The Biggest Loser" going on right now, where the one who gets healthiest in the next 3 weeks wins $150. So the stakes are high, and I'm determined to win. I went for a run this morning, snow piled on either side of the road, but actually the air was pretty warm. We're 2100 feet above sea level here, so winter's hanging on. When winter leaves, the Grizzlies will come out, so maybe I don't want winter to leave just yet. 

We have no cel phone coverage up here, no internet (except in the general store, which is where I am right now), no land line in our cozy, dirty wooden house. I call J from pay phones, shivering in the dark , watching for wildlife. It's primitive, but I think I could learn to love it, as long as rehearsals aren't a gong show...

More soon,

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