Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Wells Report #3

Last night there was cause for great excitement: it was one of the 2 nights that the Wells Hotel Pub is open each week!!! Of course, our entire cast descended on the place and much hilarity ensued; I ended up sitting with our director, Ross, who's very relaxing to be with and is totally on my side against the crazy people who run this theatre company, Caitlin the show's pianist, who's the other 30-something, and The Reverend Father Nicholas, who's a minister from New England who's up in "Bahkerville" to run the Anglican church for the summer. 

Shook off a slight hangover this morning to drive into Quesnel with Caitlin, Ross and the Rev. Nicholas, where we all spent far too much money on groceries. Quesnel felt very large and exotic after Wells- also there was no snow on the ground there. It was actually quite hard to drive back up into the high, isolated area that's my home for 2 more weeks; I'll certainly be ready for Vancouver by then!

I don't know if the 2 folks who run Theatre Royal are very thrilled with my music because they're so used to doing things their way; my director is pleased with it though and hopefully that's more important. However... I fell asleep last night with a huge smile on my face, happy with my work this week, happy to have met all these great new people, happy to be doing what I love... I just hope I don't have to defend myself too much to the Powers That Be this week because I can see that happening as they're so used to doing things a certain way...

Oh, and we spotted a Black Bear on the way to Quesnel and a Grizzly (my first!) on the way back to Wells! I'm going to have to be very careful when I go running in the mornings!

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