Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home, again.

I'm back in Vancouver, where the luscious green-ness of trees and plants bursting into life has almost overwhelmed me. Wells, over 4000 feet up from sea level, was going straight from winter to mosquito season with no in-betweens. Already the womb-like sensation of living and working with a tiny group of people in a tiny town is receding, although I received a lovely "We miss you!" phone call from my roommates at the Panabode. How you know you've had a good time: the feelings of wistful nostalgia that hit you as soon as it's over. One day back and I was back at Kites & Puppets for a shift. This is the life of a freelance worker: one day you're writing 5-part harmonies for a song and the next you're stapling a pricetag to a stuffed chipmunk's head.

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