Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Quick Post 'cause it's waaaay too nice to be indoors blogging

  • It's sunny- at last!- and the temperature is soaring. You haven't truly appreciated Spring until you've seen how fast it can melt 5 feet of dirty, outstayed-its-welcome snow.
  • Rehearsals are going really well, and the powers that be are pleased, thank goodness. All my fears were unfounded.
  • Barkerville is open, and it's so funny to see everyone traipsing through the mud (the downside of fast-melting snow), especially the poor folks in period costume.
  • I may be redundant by week three- not sure what I'll be doing up here since all the music's now written and learned. But I'm sure I'll work something out.
  • Oh, and I got some pretty stupendous news from my dad about some money I apparently inherited from my grandma. I feel a bit crass mentioning it even, but let's just say it's not a fortune but it might allow me to travel a bit in the coming year, if I don't fritter it away (and I have no intention of doing so). 
  • I feel very lucky and blessed, and I'm off to enjoy the sunlight! Long live Spring and all its glories!

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