Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Friday Blogging

As I lurched my sleepy way to school this morning I thought well, it's still bloody cold but at least it's not snowing. Not 20 minutes later, trying to absorb Coltrane Substitutions (sounds like a diet snack, doesn't it?) someone said Oh! It's snowing outside! And it still is, 1.5 hours later. Which is a travesty, for Vancouver. And yes, I do realize that compared to the Rest Of Canada we have had it ridiculously easy this winter but this is damp cold seeps into my bones and my lungs and makes me wheeze and shiver like a decrepit character in a Dickens novel. Although this makes the prospect of flying to Mexico on the 5th very, very easy to bear. What's 5 hours of aerophobia compared to sun, sand, surf and did I mention it's 30 degrees down there?

Jon and I watched possibly the worst movie in the entire world last night, a movie so bad that it deserves to be up there on the list of "greats" with Ishtar, Showgirls and Battlefield Earth. It's called Southland Tales, and you should watch it only if you a): have a huge affection for all the SNL alumni and feel the need to watch them hideously miscast in this lumbering mess. Seriously folks, we have Jon Lovitz, Nora Dunn, Cheri O'Teri, Amy Poehler, and possibly more that I didn't catch. WTF?
b): if you like epic sci-fi tales that have such a broad scope or vision that they end up becoming a confused, rambling epic that makes you feel like you're on drugs as you watch. It was clear that the actors had no idea what was unfolding. That the director/writer and producers had somehow dropped the cinematic ball, so to speak, and it had rolled into a sewer. My one-word review for this movie would be: bleurghh. I lost 2.5 hours of my life to this piece of poo and I want to sue the makers of this movie for compensation.

I want to eat cheese and french fries all day long. Call it the winter hoarding instinct, call it gluttony, call it what you will... I long for carbs and the sweet fullness they bring. But it's like a one-night stand: I despise myself later.

It's nearly noon, and I've wasted enough time blogging. Time to clean the apartment, time to wash, time to get on with things. When what I want to do is retreat to bed and eat cake or something.

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