Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fat plums from the gods

The gods finally heard my whining about money and rewarded me with a fat (phat?) new job, which fell into my lap on Friday night like a plum. The Rocky Mountaineer, a company which charges people exorbitant amounts of money to take a train through the Rockies, is producing a play which passengers may watch (for an extra fee, of course) the night before they depart from Kamloops. My friend Peter Anderson wrote it, which means it'll be smart and funny. And I guess their music director wasn't quite the ticket, because they fired his ass on Friday and phoned me in a panic to see if I could replace him! Instantly my brain whirled, because you never get these plums when it's most convenient. Let's see, I have school, and those days at Kites & Puppets, and Sean & Michelle invited us up to the Sunshine Coast next weekend and ... breathless, I asked for a little time to make up my mind. And when I got off the phone, Jon heard my doubts and my confusion and he said "You should do everything you can to make this job work. If you turn it down because of a retail job, you'll be stuck there for the next 4 years, like I was at the warehouse."
I realized the truth of his words, and that evening, accepted the job offer, and the very generous fee that goes with it. I guess when you charge exorbitant fees from your passengers, you have wealth to pass on to your employees, which rocks. I will miss some school, it's true. And I had to shimmy my schedule at K&P but I don't really feel too bad for them. I have a feeling that my days there are numbered and that totally works for me!
So I leave for Kamloops Tuesday morning, riding the ol' Greyhound. I'll be there 5 days, back for a week or so, back up for 3 days, in Mexico for a week, back up to Kamloops right after we get back. I'll be living out of a bag for quite a while. But life will not be boring. And I will not be broke.

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