Monday, March 24, 2008

blissful holiday!

Got home yesterday afternoon from Kamloops, a 5-hour drive straight to the in-laws for piles of Easter lamb. Why Easter involves making a meal out of the young, innocent lamb I'll never know, but it sure was tasty!
I got a lift back with Shelly, the choreographer, which was fun because we talked non-stop all the way home. Driving back was a reminder that however lovely the weather might be at your starting point, it could be (and was) completely different in the mountains. Although I don't drive and am therefore not the ideal road-trip companion, I was able to talk her through some of the nastiest weather I've seen up there on the Coquihalla highway and keep her from freaking out, so I think I earned my ride. Snow blew all around us, settling on the road and making things slippery and scary. Luckily everyone was on the same page and we didn't have any cowboys trying to speed by us or trucks plowing into the back of us. As we slithered down the steepsteep hill toward the Great Bear snowshed we saw that traffic had come to a standstill going the other direction. But at least by the time we got to Hope it had become rain rather than snow, so the drive from there wasn't too nasty.
I made it it New West in time for the aforementioned tasty lamb (and the button-pushing behavior of the in-laws, who make my poor boyfriend all grumpy), was in bed and asleep before 11:30, and woke up by 9 today feeling more rested than I had in weeks. I even went running this morning! Had a dream last night about being in a magical dress shop on Main Street that was open late and sold fantastic clothes that made me look thin and sexy. One of those dreams that you wake up from feeling special, and happy. I should probably do some schoolwork today but I might just squander my precious day off and enjoy a day of idleness. Yum.

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