Sunday, March 9, 2008

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Played our first Redboot gig on Friday night to an enthusiastic crowd of friends, family and anonymous patrons of The Main restaurant. Two-plus hours of holding a giant accordion strapped to me like a bizarre and heavy baby, singing jazz and trying to remember the arrangements of all these brand-new songs. Following a nightmare setup of tangled and missing power cables, the first few songs were a little flustered. But we settled into a groove and I for one had a wonderful night. The feedback (from the audience, not the microphones!) was great, too, and we actually made some money, so that was a nice bonus.

Although I made a point of drinking nothing but water the entire night, I woke up the next day with what felt like a hangover, but was probably nothing more than dehydration and exhaustion. And I had to compound it by working all day at Kites & Puppets, which was sheer bloody hell. Saturdays at the Kids Only Market being a constant wave of messy children, grabbing my puppets, putting them back in the wrong places over and over and over... I felt like Sisyphus, rolling his boulder up the hill again and again as I tidied the store for the umpteenth time. And the concrete floor there is hell on the old legs, let me tell you. I could have slept all day today!

However, there were clothes to buy, so I managed to roll out of bed at 10:30, or so I thought...
Mom and I traipsed up and down Main Street in a search for dresses for my brother's wedding- and we were both successful! In fact, I bought two lovely items: a blue chiffon dress for the wedding that looks kinda like this (only imagine it in 3 shades of green-y blue):...and a very elegant-yet-versatile maroon Grecian dress that is just nice to have, but I don't know exactly when I'll wear it; I just had to have it. So nice to spend money on myself again after all those lean months! Mom got herself some great stuff: a really fun beaded little number for the wedding and a very '60s mini dress that she looks fabulous in. So all in all, a lovely day of shoppin' with Mom.

I was going to to and write in a more stylish and profound way but I'm too tired this evening. Literary style will have to wait, I'm afraid- I can't even form a proper sentence right now...

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