Thursday, February 14, 2008

What it's like working at a kite & puppet store, or hilarity and boredom in the trenches of the Kids-Only Market

So today was my second day at Kites & Puppets, which is the very original name of the store in which I now spend 16 hours a week. Perks: I got to take 4 kites home to try out this weekend, which is pretty frickin' cool; I haven't used a kite since I was a wee one. Also; I taught myself how to use the Diablo, which is a kind of cup you balance on a string suspended between 2 sticks. When you get better at it you can toss it high in the air and catch it again. I anticipate that it will take me a few more shifts to master that one. And weirdly: I realized as I was trying out the 3-beanbag juggling kit that I already knew how to juggle but it had been so long that I had forgotten that I knew. Not that I'm very good, but still. A nice surprise.
I have to check all the puppets in this tiny cupboard space to make sure they're all out on display. There are more puppets crammed in there than can really fit in so tiny a cupboard, and some of them, creepily, can speak. As I slammed the door shut on a bulging bag of puppets, I heard this tiny mechanical voice say: "I really need a hug!"
You and me both, freak. Now stay in that cupboard.

It's not so much what they make me do

As much as the thought of their hands inside me
(a wonderful 2-line Charles de Lint poem from the point of view of a puppet.)

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