Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Should be working.

Mornings around here are peaceful, and short. Peaceful because J is usually still asleep, so it's my time to read the first emails of the day, peruse my favorite blogs, and make my delicious breakfast smoothies. Short because we don't get up 'til after 10am. I've really been meaning to rise earlier. I can hear all the mamas who author the blogs I love: You make me sick, lady- we haven't slept in past 6 for the last 5 years! But hell, there have to be some advantages to not having rugrats.
Yesterday I babysat three of 'em while my friends Galia & Tiffany went out: a four year old and my buddy Sebastien, who's over 2, plus a little one who I basically didn't see as she napped the whole time I was there, thank god. The little boys tumbled and roughhoused like puppies, napped sporadically; there were tears from Sebastien because he wanted his mom... not much down time but it was fun, if challenging. I hadn't looked after a 4 year-old before and it's a great age: young enough to be totally unselfconscious about things like boogers and nakedness, old enough to actually have conversations with other people.
Then I got off my widening ass and actually went to the gym, and came home feeling super-virtuous. Jon and I had both not eaten much so we had a very tasty dinner of stuffed pork tenderloin, cabbage and yams. I love that wonderful full feeling you get when you're really hungry and you eat good, healthy, filling food. We're still doing the healthy thing around here, so snacks are no longer potato chips but odd things, like roasted seaweed. Actually, you wouldn't believe how tasty roasted, salted Nori is!
The rain, she is lashing down outside and I have schoolwork to catch up on. A good day to be mainly inside, I think.

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