Monday, February 18, 2008

Notes from the house of the screaming tonsil

  • My love has gone to Whistler for a week to do a workshop of a new play. The set is made of ice and snow and it sounds amazing. But I miss him and I wasn't even able to give him an anniversary "present" (ahem) because who the hell feels like sex when their body is fighting yet another infection?
  • My mom, the other person who picks me up when I falter, has also left town for the last week of touring with "The Emperor's New Threads"
  • I have a huge arranging assignment due and I think a jazz theory midterm coming up as well, and practicing to do for the upcoming Redboot gig. But all I want to do is curl up and sleep, dammit.
  • An embarrassingly weepy visit to the doctor at least got me a blood test, which of course I hope will be all clear. But part of me hopes there'll be some not-too-serious thing that shows up there so I can say "See? You all though I was just being wimpy, didn't you. But look!" But most likely there'll be nothing, and I'll just have to keep wondering why I've been almost constantly sick this winter.
  • My right tonsil has decided to take on all the sins of the world and is swollen and extremely painful. But instead of staying home I have to go and work at that palace of good times otherwise known as Kites & Puppets. For the next 4 days.

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